Millbury, MA – November, 2023 – Tri Town Commercial Advisors is pleased to announce it has successfully leased a retail space at 100 Elm Street, Millbury, Massachusetts, to a local martial arts studio. With this new lease, Tri Town has brought the property to full occupancy, marking the third successful lease arrangement at this location for the landlord.

The tenant, a well-respected martial arts concept, has relocated their studio to 100 Elm Street, citing the new location as a better fit for their students’ needs, providing enhanced accessibility and a more suitable training environment. The move is expected to bring a vibrant community of martial arts enthusiasts to the area, contributing positively to the local economy and the property’s dynamic.

Eric Szczepkowski, Partner and Executive Vice President for Tri Town Commercial Advisors, stated, “Achieving full occupancy at 100 Elm Street is a significant accomplishment for our client, and we are proud to have played a pivotal role in this. The addition of the martial arts studio not only diversifies the tenant mix but also enhances the community appeal of this property. We are excited to see the positive impact this will have on the area.”

The lease agreement with the martial arts studio aligns with the landlord’s vision of creating a diverse and vibrant tenant community at 100 Elm Street. This strategic tenant mix serves to increase the property’s value and attract steady foot traffic, benefiting all parties involved.